While the UK continues on a path towards being economically worse off, internationally isolated, politically weaker and democratically divided, Scotland has an opportunity to tread a completely different path. But to do so, the political case for Scottish independence must be continuously built and eventually won.


It is fairly certain that support for the Yes Movement is increasing, especially among those under 50 years old. A side-effect of this increase however, is a tendency to suggest to many of us in the yes movement that Independence for Scotland is a democratic shoo-in. Unfortunately, that position has still to be reached.


While politicians argue over the various processes that will ensure a referendum on Scotland's future actually takes place, we can't afford to be sitting doing nothing.


Our hope is that members of the Scottish Green Party, the Scottish Socialist Party, the Scottish National Party, Labour for Indy and the wider Yes movement in the Inverclyde area will set aside traditional differences and join Yes Inverclyde in coordinating a local campaign; a positive campaign focused on finding those in our community who are yet to be convinced about the benefits, opportunities and bright future that an independent Scotland would generate.

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